About Us

We have over 18 years combined experience in New Zealand and the U.K. and have worked on a vast variety of projects from the design of multi-storey apartment buildings to the design of small residential extensions and everything in between.

We are experienced in new buildings, alterations, seismic assessment, seismic restraint of services, forensic assessment and tricky code of compliance issues.

On every project we provide an exceptional service, understanding that your project will mean a lot to you.

Our promise at AMX Structures is to provide a high level, personal and focused service, regardless of the size of the project.

Ashleigh Heather
Michael Heather


Our Vision

We are acutely aware of the legacy we are leaving behind and strive to look back with pride at every project we’re involved in.

We understand that our experiences outside the office have a significant influence on the way we approach our work. AMX Structures was borne out of the need for greater flexibility and the quest for a perfect work-life balance.

For these reasons, and many more, we recognise the important role that a diverse, accommodating work environment plays in the successful delivery of projects.


Whether you’re removing a wall, improving that indoor-outdoor flow or building your dream home AMX Structures will provide you with an exceptional service to turn your dreams into a reality. With our extensive experience in residential design you can trust us to provide you with the best solution for your unique project, regardless of the size.


The housing landscape in New Zealand is shifting towards more densely populated areas. We have designed multiple apartment buildings across Auckland and can help you deliver your large Residential development efficiently, from Resource Consent through to construction.